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The Career Of Choice | November 22, 2019

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General Manager – Animates

General Manager – Animates

Tanya Houghton

Developing and implementing business strategies to deliver an enhanced customer experience is at the heart of Tanya’s role as General Manager of Animates New Zealand.

Overseeing all commercial aspects, Tanya’s responsibilities lie in an overarching look at effective and profitable growth of the brand through network planning for new stores, product ranging and category growth, marketing and improved operations and processes to keep the business evolving.

Looking at ways to build brand consistency across all channels Tanya works to ensure the customer has a consistent experience whether visiting a store or browsing the website and everything in between. She will also advise and work with her team to advance acquisitional marketing approaches and team strategies to create an awesome customer experience.

 Future planning and the ability to analyze trends and developments across all sectors of the industry is key to success as Tanya views the ‘big picture’ and explores how best to capitalise on opportunities to ultimately deliver a return to share holders.

 More about Tanya:

Tanya’s career in retail began as a part time role while she was a student. Initially studying a B.Com she moved into a major that interested her and ignited her passion – English Literature.

Having always enjoyed retail and the culture it fostered, Tanya managed to tie her passion for people with her passion for books! Starting in a Trainee Manager role in a chain of book stores she worked her way up through stores in various regions of New Zealand, progressing to larger stores until she became the Manager of the highest turnover location in the business. Her flexibility and willingness to take on projects, news store openings, buying trips and any opportunity that would pop up saw Tanya became a Regional Manager by the age of 25.

Her career continued to shine and grow as she took on various roles in retail operations, consulting, general management and projects such as acquisitions. This culminated in an offer to move to Australia where Tanya played a pivotal role in the growth of the Pet Barn business through operations, marketing, IT and supply. Combining all of her skills and knowledge, Tanya then returned to NZ to her current role.

Tanya believes retail is a viable career because it’s so diverse and it offers the opportunity to combine a people focused environment with a personal interest. Motivated by achieving fast, measurable results and the fast-paced environment, she loves that the industry fosters passion and energy.

Tanya’s advice to people looking to start out in retail? ‘Give more than is expected of you and more than you expect of yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and throw your hat in the ring. Let people know that you want to be offered opportunities and make yourself available. Being flexible and driven will help you create success in your career.

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