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The Career Of Choice | December 10, 2019

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Category Manager for Toys – The Warehouse

Category Manager for Toys – The Warehouse

Lonnica Van Engelen

Meet Lonnica Van Engelen who is the Category Manager for Toys (Toy Buyer) for The Warehouse.

Lonnica started as a checkout operator at The Warehouse when she was 15. She then worked in the Store Support Office within the merchandise team and has since worked in various departments at Store Support Office which has given her great cross functional knowledge.

“Last year I celebrated my 20th year at The Warehouse, an amazing achievement within an amazing company. As a Category Manager, “Every day is different and trading is so much fun. I love that I get to travel around the world looking for hot new toys. I love that we can make such a difference to people’s lives by making things affordable. I love buying a new range or product, taking a risk and it all working out and then doing it all again – it’s the fun part!”

Lonnica is excited about the future of retail, “retail is dynamic and changes as the world around us changes. It’s fun watching trends change and waiting for the next big thing to happen”

Lonnica has also seen great changes at The Warehouse. “It’s nice being part of a huge company that has such a massive impact on the NZ public and of course those of us that are lucky enough to work for such a market leading company. I love working at The Warehouse.”