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The Career Of Choice | November 22, 2019

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General Manager Operations – Briscoe Group

General Manager Operations – Briscoe Group

Craig Robertson

Craig is a professional retailer with a career spanning over 30 years. His first retail role was as a 15 year old part time appliance sales person. During his full time career he held sales roles before moving into management functions working his way through to senior management roles as part of the senior leadership team within a number of organisations.

He joined the Briscoe Group in 2011 having previously held a range of senior positions including Head of Sales & Service at NZ Post, Head of Telecom Retail stores, GM at the Pacific Retail Group and General Manager Operations with Noel Leeming Group.

His current role centres around setting the scene for leadership across the entire retail network encompassing the Group’s three brands whilst driving both a sales and a superior service culture. The Briscoe Group has a lean business model so unlike other national chains operates without a Regional Management structure – instead Craig manages 33 Business Managers who oversee neighbouring Briscoes, Rebel Sport and where situated Living & Giving stores. This enables the main day-to-day decision making to be carried out at the store level with management taking ownership greatly facilitating the capability to drive change at a localised level. Sales and Gross Profit are reviewed daily, weekly and monthly with the full visibility to each Business Manager along with other key performance measures.

The operating model is underpinned by an internally developed sales and service programme called ‘WIN’ which Craig and the HR/Training team facilitate. WIN has enabled the Group to pull all of the sales and service basics together and achieve results by setting a direction of focus for each of the Business Managers and putting in place specifications to achieve the desired outcomes. These are communicated and reviewed weekly through a combination of conference calls and store visits. Being involved in the WIN initiative from the concept phase to it’s successful integration into the daily routines today is one of Craig’s biggest career highlights.

Despite being such a large company the Briscoe Group has retained its family feel. Craig likes the way the Group ‘sticks to it’s knitting and does what it does well’. Moreover, the Briscoe Group doesn’t get bogged down in corporate mentality, instead knuckles down and focuses on getting the basic done well with a view of exceeding every customers expectation.

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