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The Career Of Choice | December 14, 2019

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Visual Merchandise & Store Designer – Lush

Visual Merchandise & Store Designer – Lush

Brooke Austin

Brooke is the Visual Merchandiser and Store Designer for Lush Australia and New Zealand- “My role is to basically oversee anything to do with the aesthetics of our shops. This includes giving the stores merchandising guidelines and training, furniture and joinery design, repairs and maintenance and new shop openings. I’m also the official Lush sign writer which is probably one of my favourite parts of the job!”

The job is always varied, with some time spent at head office creating VM training guides, developing window ideas with the PR and marketing team, liaising with external companies such as builders, designers and handymen on the stores behalf, and communicating with the stores on a daily basis to support them with their merchandising. The remainder of Brooke’s time is spent in stores, completing onsite training and also shop openings, refreshes and remerchandising.

Brooke has worked for Lush for just on 10 years, in different roles including store management, and product and sales trainer for the Australian and New Zealand business. While all of these roles have been an exciting and challenging part of her career, her current role is the one she feels most at home in, as it allows her to fully indulge in her creative side, while also developing crucial business skills. “If I had to pick a highlight of my Lush career so far, it would be my first managers meeting in this particular role, where I gave a training session I had written to a hall of around 70 people” she says. “One of those people was one of the original founders of Lush, who sought out my boss to tell her that he thought I was doing a fantastic job. That made me so proud that somebody who helped build this company that I love so much thought that I was upholding their vision and doing it well.”

“If you want to work at Lush you have to bring only two things to the table- passion and commitment” Brooke says. “Qualifications don’t mean as much as finding the right personality fit for the job at hand” As for visual merchandising, Brooke says- “It’s a fantastic job for people who are creative, but really enjoy the business side of things as well. My tip to being a successful VM is never stop being inspired- you can find solutions and exciting ways to promote your product almost anywhere!”

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