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The Career Of Choice | December 10, 2019

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Owner/Operator – Route 66

Owner/Operator – Route 66

Todd Male

Todd is the Owner/Operator of Newmarket based specialty denim and street shop Route 66. In this role he oversees all aspects of running the store including the day to day operations, buying, marketing, VM and events.

A big believer in being present, Todd spends a lot of his work week on the shop floor selling, engaging with customers and observing his staff in action. This allows him to coach his team of eight and see first hand what’s working what’s not.

Todd comes from a line of professional retailers and gained exposure to the industry at a young age. His Grandfather had a country store that he helped out in and while in school he took on his first retail position. Later on Todd held a part time Sales Assistant role while studying.

Then fate stepped in – Route 66 (which Todd’s Dad set up in 1988) went into a boom period and it’s popularity and sales sky rocketed. This acted as the catalyst for Todd initially joining the business. Route 66 has been in the family ever since with Todd stepping up to take the helm in 1995.

Todd gets a real buzz from providing exceptional customer service. Having forged a long spanning career with the Route 66 brand Todd has been able to create strong relationships with his regulars – many of whom now have sons and daughters shopping at the store. Likewise he has established great connections with his suppliers – four of which have been working with Route 66 since the early 90s.

Todd is a real ambassador for the retail industry and the rewards it offers. He enjoys seeing and contributing to the evolution of the industry which in his words has gone from the “Kiwi she’ll be right attitude” in the 80s to the high level of service and store offering that customers have come to expect today.

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